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What Are You Building?

Let's imagine you’ve decided to build a house for your dog.

Maybe you’ve built something like this before or maybe it’s your first time.

What’s the very first thing you do?

You probably pay attention to your dog; you look at how big she is and will grow to be, you notice the kind of spaces she loves to nap in, and you list the things she needs. You look around your yard for the right spot – not too sunny, too buggy, too remote. You think about your budget and wonder about your construction skills.

What you don’t do first is head to the lumberyard to buy a stack of wood.

Paying attention is the basis for a successful career change or job search.

So, you won't start cranking out a resume until you know what you love to do, what career you’re looking to build and why you're choosing this path. When you know the job you're looking for, how you fit and how you can bring value to it, you'll be ready to tell that story in your resume and beyond.

Clarity about your career can only come by paying attention to yourself and then making the commitment to follow through on what you learn.

Judy Garfinkel helps you clarify "what's next." She crafts successful resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and bios that open doors for her clients and land jobs. Her expertise in building confidence and resilience supports personal growth and the ability to navigate career and work transitions – especially now! Judy is President of the International Coaching Federation-Connecticut, where she leads a membership of 200+ coaches.

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