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Pause Ability is a life enhancing skill. Like writing. Like reading. 


If you remember learning to read, or ever watched a child learn to read, you know that each stage of practice builds upon itself. From our earliest attempts at decoding we begin to understand the world, our world, differently. Squiggly lines now have names. Put them together and they form sounds. Once we saw only glowing red shapes, we now can read, "Exit.” Sentences, paragraphs and books take us to new places.


Learning to pause allows new possibilities to emerge. The ability to pause presents a chance at new choices, ones that may not have occurred to us from our reactive thinking process. When we cultivate our Pause Ability, we are different, transformed. The ability to decode "Exit" can even save our lives.


  • Pause Ability is pausing with a purpose.

  • When you have Pause Ability you can intentionally suspend the situation at hand to interrupt your usual reaction.

  • Pause Ability is recognizing your personal signals that a pause is needed.

  • Pause Ability is choosing to practice specific activities that I call ‘PauseAbilities,’ because they create the best kind of interruption from which change can grow. 


The Pause + Ability + Possibility = PauseAbilities


To learn more about PauseAbilites guided audio downloads email: 

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