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You know how you can think of someone you like (even if you haven’t seen them in forever) and you get sensations—not just thoughts—about how you experience that person? Or if you don’t like someone, you get a sense of that too. 


If you’re not sure what I mean, try it.


You might notice that when you think of the person you like, you feel warm, open, relaxed, smile or something like that. And, when you think of someone you’re not that fond of, you might sense tightness, squirming, or general discomfort. 


This is because your body, in its wonderful complexity, takes in your experiences at a level that is pre- thought. 


What’s wonderful about this is that what you've experienced is all there. Here. In you. In your body. You have a resource that can help you when you’re stuck; when you are in need of  some fresh thinking; or when you want relief from the same old thought patterns. 


And it’s portable too!


This is the premise of Focusing, this wealth of inner experience. And, it's an inner process we already do naturally but not often intentionally. 


Focusing can be taught, it can be learned. The ease of relating to yourself will amaze you.


I think it was Einstein who said that we can’t solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. Focusing is a method for pausing, referring to your body to find something new – now - about what’s going on for you. 


As a coach I use Focusing with my clients and as an integral part of trainings, workshops and classes.


For more about Focusing CLICK.


What some of my people have said:


“Learning to Focus has helped me listen in a new way to my family and friends. This listening for meaning with gentle curiosity has changed my relationships.“


“ Funny. I would never have ‘thought-up’ some of the images that come to me during Focusing, but there they are, and they lead me to take steps that feel like the right ones. Or should I say, I lead me to take steps that are the right ones.”


“Sometimes I Focus just to spend some time with me.”


“I keep being fooled into thinking that I know myself because I think my thoughts and pay attention to them.  But then I Focus and find more. I find such a rich world of me, it gives me confidence and a sense of being more alive.”




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