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I was a dancer.  I spent my childhood training and almost all of my 20s performing. But physical change and emotional development began to question my devotion to my “glamorous” life.  I remember the feeling of being set adrift with no idea about what could be next. I had a knack for teaching dance and a passion for it. I spent nine years at Sarah Lawrence College teaching ballet.  

I became fascinated with the ways that moving and learning are connected. After volunteering to give movement classes at the progressive school I found for my kids, it turned into a job. I created a program for pre-K to eighth grade. We had a 5:1 student/teacher ratio. I really got to know the kids I was teaching. They came to me at age 3 and I spoke at their graduations when they turned 13.  I loved helping with their personal growth.


After 10 years, I gave up the movement program to take on a unique job for the kindergarten.  I was the teacher who worked with the children to develop their social and emotional skills—the part I loved!  I was also lucky enough to mentor the newest teachers at the school and design development workshops for the entire faculty.


During that time I got my bachelors degree (at 54).  And then a Masters in Holistic Thinking.  


A full-time demanding job, two children, a husband and home made for a rich life, yet I found myself perpetually exhausted and oddly unfulfilled. I even had mysterious back pain. Something was missing. 


It turned out to be me.


So, I learned to listen to myself. I delved into neuroscience, learning theory, somatics, improvisational dance, positive psycholgy, yoga, mindfulness, Focusing, and more... I reconnected to the dormant and unexplored parts. I got more honest inside and calmer too.  And through all this change I re-discovered my gift in a new form; recognizing what is essential in others and empowering them to bring joy, freedom and success to their lives. I wanted to help others get there a lot quicker than I did.  Coaching.  I trained to become a Board Certified Life & Career Coach. 


Now, I use over 100 cool tools gathered from my 30+ years of helping others get unstuck and move to their next  thing, their next right thing.  It’s my superpower.  And if you’re still reading, you just might be one of my people   


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