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What is the Coaching Process? What’s the Structure?


Connect - Discover the Goal - Understand - Develop a Plan  - Assess How Things are Working



I leave a lot of room for ‘flow’ within this general structure. Everyone works differently. Some people need more or less focus in the areas below.  I want to be in a unique working relationship with you, one that takes into consideration how you work best and what your ultimate goals are.



Connection: This is where we create the space to work in. You need to feel safe. You need to know that there is complete confidentiality. I am completely invested in your success- whatever that means for you.



Discover/Uncover the Goal: You might come to coaching with a very concrete ‘thing’ (or ‘things’) to work on. Something like, ”my career direction,” or, “better relationship with my significant other(s).” Great. You also might need time to figure out what the ‘thing’ is. Or you thought you knew what it was, but through our conversations you discover that the true goal is something you had not realized. This is the beginning of the good part. Visualizing what you want is the most important step.


  • This can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few sessions.



What happened? We’ll get to the reasons you have been stuck in the past. Where is your resistance? Maybe there is a limiting mindset in place that needs dismantling. Perhaps you need to develop a new skill. Your intention and motivation are both key to your success. I will listen to what you are saying, but more importantly, what you are not saying. This is where partnering with someone can be so helpful. When we are by ourselves we tend to say and think the same things over and over.



Develop the Plan: Once you can see clearly where you want to go we will strategize for how to get there. Between sessions is where all the work is put into action. What worked? What didn’t? Do you need to try something else? My job will be to support you, and point you towards your goal when I think you are getting off track.



Assessing the Progress: At the end of each session, as well as at the end of the cycle of work it’s important to look around and see what is different.


A small step, taken in the direction of your heart, is all you need to be moving steadily into your right life.



What Comes With Me as Your Coach?



I want to be available to you not only during sessions, but in-between, where you are hard at work putting your commitments to yourself into action.  Because I keep small client list, I am able to be responsive via email, text, and short phone calls and, I will be thinking about you so that any resources I find I will be sending your way.


There's more:


 •  3 sessions per month – the first session for new clients is 1.5 hours at no extra cost.


•   Judy’s notes on our sessions uploaded to a shared Dropbox folder or via email.


•   Personalized tools, handouts, questionnaires and other coaching goodies TBD by your            goals and style.


*   PauseAbilities audios & booklet: Downloadable Guided 5 Minute Mini-Mindful Pauses that       non-clients buy separately – free for one/one coaching clients.


                       $360 per month 

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