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I’m over that now. 


Life coaching with me is an interactive partnership. During our sessions you'll participate in exercises and discussions guided by me. These sessions will clarify your goals, help you overcome inevitable blocks, uncover new options, structure manageable plans and support follow-through for the change you want.  Whether you want  support planning your next move, creating a vision for your future, clarifying your direction, targeting options, finding the confidence to go after a change, developing accountability, or polishing your job hunt documents and skills, coaching can help.


I wholeheartedly support what you decide is essential in your life, and I will hold you to it. Belief in you, listening, and compassion are a given.


You could say that Life Coaching is the non-"Tootz" approach to change. Or at least my version is. 



When I was in elementary school I dreaded any encounter with the gym teacher, Coach Lawson. Square jawed and sarcastic, he called all females, young or old, “Tootz,” and only seemed to be looking for mistakes.


I admit that I resisted calling myself a Life Coach for quite a while because each time I heard the word “coach” I felt that sinking sensation that I’d done something wrong.  And, I thought that to be a coach I'd have to treat people like the school coaches I'd seen.


27 Benefits of Coaching

By engaging in the coaching process you will be better able to... 

  • Define what's truly important to you

  • Create a bridge between where you are and

             where you want to be

  • Gain fresh perspective on your challenges

  • Forge new paths

  • Increase your confidence

  • Make decisions that fit you

  • Sustain focus on your commitments

  • Listen to yourself

  • Collaborate with a non-judgmental skilled partner

  • Shift your direction

  • Grow your career

  • Participate fully in your own growth

  • Interact authentically and effectively with the

             people in your life

  • Tap into motivation

  • ...and energy

  • ...and creativity

  • Increase self acceptance

  • Develop greater self awareness

  • Enhance strengths

  • help reach into weaker areas

  • Incorporate new skill like calming techniques

  • ...and organization techniques

  • ...and listening techniques

  • Discover your own solutions

  • Increase self-responsibility

  • Improve your accountability to your self and to others

  • Live your life


Want some data? A study about the benefits of life coaching here.

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