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I believe that every person deserves to grow into authentic change with freedom, creativity, joy, and self-understanding. Coaching is an exciting framework through which people of any age can reach for possibilities—set goals, create plans, acknowledge weaknesses, and work with their unique strengths and talents to move forward skillfully and wholeheartedly into their next "right" thing.


Several years ago, I began I searched for my next "right" thing. I saw that the theme in all my previous experiences was championing the growth and success of others through helping them recognize what was essential in them, and to them, and, then partnering to get there.


My unique skill set has grown out of my professional life as a dancer, teacher, professional development leader, and coach... and from my ongoing curiosity about what helps us all thrive. Move Into Change is my vehicle for helping individuals and groups move forward through individual coaching and workshops.





Phone: 917.450.1524


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