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                                                                                               That’s me ->

I have a passion for weaving together different techniques with the larger purpose of supporting you to show up fully and authentically in all the areas of your life.

I know what it is to make a difficult transition, more than once.

I know what it is to give it all to a career.

My inner critic can be fierce—and I have ways to work with that.

I am Myers Briggs INFP 

Enneagram #9 (I commit to you and your growth).

Verbal Kinesthetic 

(I learn about you by listening, discussing and sensing).

I like the question, “What if?”

I hold a Masters Degree in Holistic Thinking.

I am a Board Certified Life Purpose and Career Coach,  

a Trauma Infomed Coach, Whole Person Coach, and Certified Focusing Professional (Trainer).

Something many people don't know about me...I  perform occassionaly with a dance company that champions the beauty in what other's might call "disability." 

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