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You may have lost your sense of playfulness and joy. You may be coming home from work drained but you don’t feel you can complain. Looking from the outside you have a lot. Inside, you feel trapped or confused.


You may be constantly putting all your relationships (including the one you have with your work) ahead of the one you have with yourself.


I’ve been interested in self-development since—well, forever. It took me a long time to figure out that connecting me to me was the key. From this connection springs exciting new possibilities for career, creativity, relationships, health and well-being.  


We can get you to the next right thing in your life, together. 


I have a gift for recognizing what is essential in others. And, for personalizing an approach that works with your unique strengths and sensitivities. I won't ask you to conform to someone else’s idea of what's right for you. 


Our partnership will be creative and interactive. I use over 100 techniques including Focusing, to help you move into change.


Contact Judy or call 917.450.1524




Life Coaching
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