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Why, why?

Career change is inevitable.

Organizational structures and job categories come and go as quickly as characters in an English farce. Combine that with the value we place on job fulfillment, our increased options to work (and learn) remotely, and our need to contribute beyond our sell-by date, and you can expect to have five to seven careers in your lifetime.

Your careers will change over time because you do (and because life does).

Despite this reality, most people are anxious about career change. The unknown brings them to their knees. There's an impatient voice inside that craves knowing what the next right thing will be (now!). Obeying it can lead to bypassing the opportunity to fully explore why. Wow, big mistake!

When was the last time you were satisfied with doing, achieving or knowing something that had zero meaning to you? I’m guessing, never.

That‘s because humans are hard-wired to seek meaning. Neuroscience tells us that starting with why is fundamental to decision-making and learning—a.k.a. making change. Knowing your Why with a capital “W” provides you with motivation, purpose, and drive.

The time and the effort you put into figuring out why you want to change in the first place is a gift that keeps on giving. So, if you’re building a bridge to a new career, or are just thinking about it, begin by learning about you.

What pulls you, matters to you, draws your curiosity, gets you on your soapbox? Ask yourself why your jobs to date worked for you or didn't…get going and dig deeply into Why.

Whether you are making a transition, a pivot, a re-launch or a re-invention, contact judy at for thoughtful, heartfelt coaching expertise.

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