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You've been coping with the constraints and changing information brought on by Covid19 for longer than you want to. Me too! Amidst the stresses of physical distancing, homeschooling, feelings of isolation, and overall background of worry about life and our country, we can easily forget that we already know so much about what we need in order to get through this and more, to thrive.

Though you may not be fully aware of what it is that you know, you have within you the ability to return to center, live creatively, handle your current situation, and even to heal. It's right at your fingertips. Literally.


Drawing on Your Inner Resources is a unique 90-minute, small group class created just for you to access those inner resources.


Judy Garfinkel, Life and Career Coach, will guide you through a process she learned from an internationally known cultural anthropologist, author and teacher that she has adapted for her clients. It begins with a drawing, one you make consisting of specific symbols. Then you will find the way the meanings of those symbols draw out and reveal resources that you can access, right now.  SIGN UP 



NOT a class to teach you to draw.

We use symbols to draw out your resilience! 

NO ARTISTIC ABILITY necessary – really!!


You will:

  • be guided through making the drawing (see above).

  • learn the meanings of the symbols, so you can interpret your drawing.

  • dialogue with your drawing (yes, it's so cool).

  • reflect on new insights through interaction with Coach Judy.

  • leave with knowledge you can act upon.

  • have a tool you can return to again and again.


Class size limited to 6



This activity bypasses  analytic thinking to access deeper knowing and then brings your intellect back on board, so you have all the ways you know,  integrated and on hand, to guide you.   SIGN UP 


This is amazing! Everyone should be doing this! ~Barbara Abram

  ...I loved this class - I had an epiphany!

  ...Fascinating, empowering and truly helpful.

  ...What a relief to find that my drawing ability didn't matter!

  ...The symbols are like little bridges that helped me connect what I know           underneath words, then to the words and thoughts. I felt validated,

     curious, and delighted in my discoveries.

  …I didn’t know what to expect and it turns out that was the best approach

   to letting myself go deep!

Judy has used this activity with select life and career coaching clients and was invited to teach it to psychotherapists at the NEFOT 2017 & 2019 Conferences focused on renewal and resilience.

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