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Would You Hire Your Resume?

Let's leap to the absurd.

If your current resume was applying for a job as "resume," would it succeed? What would that job description look like?

Job search FACTS:

· You are 38% more likely to be contacted, 31% more likely to get an interview, and 40% more likely to land the job when a professional has written your resume.

· The average length of a successful job search is 24 weeks. This means that the longer you send out faulty materials, the longer your search – and the longer the impact on your finances, your frustration and the stress on your resilience.

If you are getting the message that your resume needs a professional hand, or realizing why DIY hasn't worked so far, let's talk!

Contact me at

Judy Garfinkel helps you clarify "what's next." She crafts successful resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and bios that open doors for her clients and land jobs. Her expertise in building confidence and resilience supports personal growth and the ability to navigate career and work transitions – especially now! Judy is President of the International Coaching Federation-Connecticut, where she leads a membership of 200+ coaches.

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