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The Bloomin' Truth: Myth Buster


 When was the last time you stepped back and truly took stock of where you're at on this wild journey called life?


When I look at these lilacs, known as "late blooming," I'm reminded of how misguided we can get when we start putting time pressures on our journey. We see others blossoming left and right and start freaking out that our buds haven't burst open yet.


These lilacs certainly don't seem to think they're running behind schedule. Who's to say they're "late"? They're just unfolding magnificently, filling the air with their intoxicating scent at their 'right' time. Isn't that how we all want to arrive at our next big career chapter? Radiant, vibrant, expressing our unique talents and essence to the world?


Here's the truth: there's no such thing as being "late" to your own journey.


If you're planting the seeds of a new vocation or craving a full career change, permit yourself to consider the possibilities of new blooming. Because, when we operate from that space of self-trust, our paths unfurl with more clarity, purpose, and joy.


Whether you're blossoming for the first time or rediscovering your bloom after a season of dormancy, what matters most is that you're ready to flourish NOW.

Life's bloomin' beautiful when you embrace your unique timeline.


So let's ditch all those outdated "shoulds" about how you're supposed to bloom, when you're supposed to bloom, and what blooming should even look like.


Instead, trust your process. Seek out support from allies like me who can help nourish your growth. Then, prepare to make those big, colorful, fragrant dreams of yours a reality! Because the world is waiting for your unique gift.


Your blooming season is now, on your terms. Let's do this!

Judy Garfinkel helps you clarify "what's next." Her expertise in building confidence and resilience supports personal development and the ability to navigate career and work transitions – especially now! She is a PCC and certified Trauma Informed Coach. Judy also crafts bespoke resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and bios that open doors for her clients and land jobs. Judy is a Past President of the International Coaching Federation - Connecticut Chapter, where she led 250+ member coaches. You can reach her at

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