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Can work be fun? Should it?

Remember the phrase, “Work isn’t fun that’s why they call it, work”?

I do.

I don't know who coined that phrase, but good riddance!

Fun matters at work.

But what does that look like?

What makes work fun?

The folks at Asana Labs have helped us with research that uncovered surprising and profound insights about what makes fun in the workplace.

Turns out that a fun work environment:

🔸 gives opportunities to dive into difficult and important problems through activities like brainstorming sessions, panel discussions, and creative pairings. (Adam Grant calls this 'Deep Fun.')

🔸 respects people's time, e.g., minimizes the number of meetings, and has co-workers and administrations that support and foster well-run projects.

🔸 surprises the people who work there! Yes, this is a surprising nugget from the research. That's because surprise causes unexpected spikes in dopamine and we feel pleasure.

Though there will always be some part of a job that isn't your fave, and a ping pong table might add light-hearted fun to a work day, you need more.

So ask yourself...

What truly engages you?

How might these criteria for fun at work be tweaked to apply to other areas of your life?

When you can articulate these needs, you are closer to finding the next right thing for you.

Speaking of deep fun

I’m definitely having fun coaching and in my other work-related endeavors!

Collaborating with clients is my version of deep fun. We co-create possibilities for change in a career - in life - and then go about making the vision real. Each person has a unique set of challenges and my challenge - to be the best coach possible for that person – is what keeps me engaged every single day.

Can working with a coach, while making the journey to change, be fun – YES!!!

Improv dance class – ah the joy of creating a class that inspires you to connect to yourself, to move for pleasure, relate to others, and gain insight, is not only fun in preparation but pure delight every Monday morning 10 am – 11 am ET. It's a movement version of brainstorming, decision-making, and spontaneous creativity. An opportunity to disrupt your habits.

Come dance with us!

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