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5 Signs You Have a Curious and Creative Mindset

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Where would we be without experimentation? Look around... almost everything you have is a product of someone experimenting. From trying out a new kind of toothbrush to going on a blind date, experimentation leads to new information about ourselves and about experiments themselves. Babies and young children are consummate experimenters. They could care less about the stakes; they dive right into active trial and error, the lifeblood of experimentation. And, Mother Nature? The queen of ongoing experiments!

In becoming an adult we can lose playfulness—a quality essential to being an experimenter. Often we stop experimenting when we believe there are specific ways we 'should', or 'must' approach a large or small situation, problem, or an unknown. Like relocating, dating, cooking, and career change. Being open to experimentation is a crucial step in making any successful career transition. Do you have a curious, creative and experimental mindset? Here are some 5 signs that you do:

  1. You see trying new things as an opportunity to explore and learn

  2. You are willing to be vulnerable and risk not knowing an outcome

  3. You are willing to let curiosity lead you

  4. You have a goal and are willing to make a plan for an experiment, adapted to you

  5. You trust yourself to course correct

Where can you bring more of an experimental mindset? Want to figure that out with me? I'm here.

Judy Garfinkel helps you clarify "what's next." Her expertise in building confidence and resilience supports personal development and the ability to navigate career and work transitions – especially now! She crafts bespoke resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and bios that open doors for her clients and land jobs. Judy is the Immediate Past President of the International Coaching Federation - Connecticut Chapter, where she led 250+ member coaches. You can reach her at

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