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What happens when the job you had fit you once, and now, not so much? Maybe

you're returning to the workforce and you aren't sure what's your best direction... Or,

you're doing the work you love but the opportunity to grow and develop is missing. Whether you want to clarify a new direction, write a resume, or prepare for an interview, I can help! Read more


Maybe your zest is zapped... or you're making a difficult transition, or you're stuck... you realize that you're stressing more and living less . Or, perhaps you sense you're living below your full potential. It takes an excellent life coach who listens. A life coach who uses a solid framework for change, and has some cool techniques for finding out what you don't know—yet—about your situation. That's me. To get to the next right thing in your life...Read more


I highly recommend Judy as a life skills/transition coach! I was 'gifted' an hour with her from the ICF group and was very impressed with her level of skill which is outstanding!! She took a very large topic and distilled it down into manageable, actionable chunks which allowed me to move forward in my process. Her ability to listen actively and ask powerful questions got me thinking in new ways and allowed me to grow. If you are considering working with a coach, Judy should be at the top of your list! 

~ Anne L. Houle, Director/Learning & Development

This webinar focuses on ideas, tools and resources to manage your career transition...

The first step is knowing who you are so you can exude confidence as you articulate your value.

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Making significant and meaningful change is about growth and doing certain things differently. You can start with this complimentary workbook about permission, a frequently overlooked element in getting results. And then you'll receive a subscription to my newsletter designed to help you grow towards that next right thing.


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