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Want a Self-Care Superpower?

Updated: May 25, 2022

It’s the middle of May.

You are busy.

Mayhem,’ ‘Maycember’ and ‘allergy month’ – the printable names my clients and fellow coaches have given to the packed days of May!

green grass with small white flowers sprouting up through the grass in the foreground and a tree in the middle ground with tress, clouds and some blue sky in the background.  Tree in the

I can relate...starting with some big projects related to coaching, dancing and then social event invitations sprouting in my inbox like the Forget-Me-Nots along this path, and I’ve got a recipe for overwhelm, distract, dropped balls, and well, you know.

Despite what your inner critic is saying, now is not the time to beat yourself up for not having a better organizational system in place or for saying “yes” to too many things. More on that in another post.

Now is the time to play.

As counter intuitive as it seems, playing amidst the mayhem is a self-care superpower!

Despite the overwhelming evidence of the benefits of play (see here) we dismiss it as ‘unproductive.' Yes! That is exactly the point! Play is spontaneous, fun and pleasurable with the focus on the actual experience not a specific measurable goal.

Play need not take up more than a few minutes of your time and can bring the kind of relief and feeling of well-being that no amount of scrolling can touch.

All you need to do is Stop, Drop and Play

  • Stop – the ‘to do’ engine and give yourself full permission to take a 3 minute ‘play break.’

  • Drop – the idea that playing is ‘silly’ or a waste of time or needs external justification. Drop your phone in the other room so you can...

  • Play – One of the best ways to play is to join a child, get down on the floor (metaphorically or literally), and follow their lead.

No child around? Not May anymore? Here are some ideas:

🛝 Turn on a short piece of music and dance

🛝 Pick some reading material at random, read it in ridiculous voices

🛝 Make up a song about what you see in front of you

🛝 Ask your pet’s opinion on something

🛝 Get out some drawing materials and color

🛝 Dress up for no reason


Dance with Me!

Join us on Monday mornings @ 10-11am ET to improvise moves that exist only for the moment we make them. Fun, relaxed, and welcoming Zoom group. I curate eclectic music options and a variety of prompts to inspire you.

Show up as you are. ALL BODIES WELCOME!

No dance experience necessary but, if you've got it, bring it

All you need is a willingness to PLAY

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