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Good Things Jar

Good-bye 2016.

It’s been a heck-of-a year for our country and the world.

Some of us had ultra personal challenges to face. Many found that the election and the happenings around the globe called upon our every ounce of resilience in order to return to equilibrium and sustain hope. It was a challengeto remain kind and keep connection with some of the people in our lives.

My FaceBook feed is full of people anxious for 2016 to be done already.

Not so fast, y’all. Don’t throw away time, or any opportunity to shift your mindset and your emotional thermostat to something more energizing.

Last week, I sat down with The Good Things Jar 2016. So named because it is an actual jar with descriptions of good things that happened in my life during 2016.

I highly recommend starting one.

I’m not sure why I started The Good Things Jar, or how I even got the idea.

I’m an unreliable journal-er despite efforts otherwise. I tend to like three dimensional reminders I can view on a daily basis. And, I liked the potential ease of recording good things,seeing them accumulate, and returning to them any time.

I just remember that it struck me as an easy way to bring positivity into my daily life without much fuss. I admit, the whole thing seemed a bit too easy anda tad hokey, too.

It turned out to be an even better idea than I imagined.

Just in this last week, as I unfolded one sticky note after crumpled sticky note, I was reminded of events that I had deemed “good “in months past and forgotten. That in itself was interesting. Better yet, reliving each one lifted my mood. And, noticing that a large portion of what I called, “goodthings,” consisted of happy happenings for my loved ones. And my clients.

Let me know if you want to start one, and I'll tell you how.

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