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Parent Coaching

Now, more than ever, it's difficult to be a parent without feeling overwhelmed, worried or insecure. 


I'm not here to tell you what you're doing wrong. It's unproductive, most likely untrue, and not the point of parent coaching. Besides, you have enough magazines, books and commercials telling you how to "measure up."


I can be your ally, a knowledgeable partner to help you make non-reactive decisions based on your values and knowledge by listening to your inner wisdom (yes, you have that). 


If you want specific skills for communication, I can help.  If you need support with systems and/or approaches to disciplining with love, we can work with that, too. I can even help you create better relationships with your child's teachers.


Let's bring more hours of joy and calm into your parenting.


Email:  •  Call 917.450.1524

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