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Oct 15th, Noon - 1:00pm EST

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Presence is a defining characteristic of successful people.


However you define it, success requires your full presence.

Knowing how to expand into greater presence is key whether you're looking to advance in your career—showing up more fully as a leader, contributing at meetings, giving presentations— or networking or interviewing for a new role.


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1. Judy will define ‘Presence,’ informed by her work as a Career Transitions and Job Search Coach, professional dancer, not-for-profit Board President, Certified Focusing Professional and former educator.


2. The practices that help you develop and embody "Presence."


3. Tips for dealing with nerves, mindset, imposter syndrome and other factors that take you out of "Presence"


4. YOUR TURN! Time for Q & A


Oct 15th, Noon - 1:00pm EST

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If there is ever a time to tap into resilience, this is it.

Amidst the stresses of physical distancing, homeschooling, feelings of isolation, and an overall background of worry about our lives and country, we can easily forget that we already know so much about what we need in order to get through this and more, to thrive.

Though you may not be fully aware of what it is that you know, you have within you the ability to return to center, live creatively, handle your current situation, and even to heal. It's right at your fingertips. Literally.


Drawing on Your Inner Resources is a unique 90 class created just for you to access those inner resources.


Judy Garfinkel, Life and Career Coach, will guide you through a process she learned from an internationally known cultural anthropologist, author and teacher that she has adapted for her clients. It begins with a drawing, one you make consisting of specific symbols. Then you will find the way the meanings of those symbols draw out and reveal resources that you can access, right now. More here. 



NO ARTISTIC ABILITY necessary – really!!


You will:

  • be guided through making the drawing.

  • learn the meanings of the symbols to interpret your drawing.

  • walk away with knowledge you can act on.

  • have a tool you can return to again and again. 

Class size is limited to 6 people

Why it works


This activity bypasses  analytic thinking to access deeper knowing and then brings your intellect back on board, so you have all the ways you know,  integrated and on hand, to guide you. 


Fascinating, empowering and truly helpful.

 …The symbols are like little bridges that helped me connect what I know           underneath words, then to the words and thoughts. I felt validated,

     curious, and delighted in my discoveries.

I didn’t know what to expect and it turns out that was the best approach

   to letting myself go deep!

Judy has used this activity with select life coaching clients and was invited to teach it to psychotherapists at the NEFOT 2017 & 2019 Conferences focused on renewal and resilience.

Inner Critic

Is Your Inner Critic a Bully?

We all have an inner critic. It jabs, teases, orders, whines, wheedles, gives ultimatums, suggests we "should" or "need to," and, even pretends to be a neutral observer of reality. Sometimes the inner critic shows up as a sensation in your body - a feeling of dread, collapse, or tightness. When it takes over, you may avoid action, retreat, procrastinate, or push yourself to exhaustion. 


What if it didn't have to be that way?


Research has found that we experience greater self-confidence, motivation, and improved relationships in our personal and professional lives when we learn to sustain higher levels of positivity and reduce the negativity whenever and wherever possible.


Come join me to learn about how.


We‘ll discuss the critic’s many forms. And, I'll describe the 4 conditions for working with your inner critic and a 3-step process for transforming your critic so you can live and work with greater joy and ease.




Freedom is the opposite of feeling constrained.


Because we’re human, issues in our lives can lead to feeling stuck or confused.  Typically, we turn to our intellect to “solve” the problem, which works until it doesn’t anymore.


In Dance Your Way to Freedom, I will guide you in movement improvisations to help you tap into your vast emotional intelligence through the language of your body – sensing, gesture, visual metaphor and action.


Come join us as we experiment with listening to what your body has to say in a safe, joyful and relaxed environment.


What participants say…


 "Judy’s structure for this class created privacy, freedom and intimacy for a safe exploration into the unknown. And, it totally worked!"  – D.E.


" Judy didn't ask me to consider large issues all in one swallow - but once I identified what the issue was the pressure was off...the small gestures and sorting images was not at all overwhelming and it guided me to be able to explore freely and simply." - Anonymous



Boost Your Confidence

          Bounce Up, Bounce Back and Fly High!


It's a rare person who needs less self-confidence.  That's because feeling confident is a must for tackling new situations, for feeling good about yourself and for leading a successful life-any life.


Learning how to nurture and access self confidence can seem like a mystery, but not anymore...  These three interactive, experiential classes will teach you the 3 key elements of confidence. You will get a picture of your personal “trampoline,” and leave with strategies for sustaining your self-confidence.



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