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For those of you who don't know, I was a professional ballet dancer in my 20's. A couple of months ago I started taking a beginner ballet class with the extraordinary Ernesta Corvino.The class isn't just "beginner" in title, it's super beginner, building the most basic dance concepts step by step, class by class, week by week. The students in the class are complete novice adult dancers, with the exception one other person (and me, of course).

It might seem ridiculous for a dancer with my experience to show up in an ultra beginner class. But remembering, even relearning, the basics provides an opportunity to deepen understanding, fix old habits, fill in gaps and let go of the ego that waltzes right past the simple with an "I already know how to do this" attitude and a desire for more (read, complicate and over think) to hold its attention.

If you've been in the job search or are about to start one, don't forget the basics. Yes, you may think you're doing them or that you know what they are already. Go back anyway, or should I say, return to re-learn. Here's a link to get you started.

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