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Weird & Wonderful

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

I just finished another Zoom with yet another group that has switched to virtual meetings. Have you been Zooming (or connecting virtually) more than ever? Are your days Zooming by?

It’s been strange and wonderful to observe how this technology connects us during this time of heightened uncertainty.   

WONDERFUL –  meeting new people:

  • Some of my newsletter readers recently joined me for Drawing on Your Inner Resources class. What a delight to help some of you in real time!

  • There too, new people who came to the class were introduced to each other and to me for the first time. So great.  

STRANGE –  spending so much time sitting and also, leaning into a screen as if leaning in would actually bring me closer...

WONDERFUL –  reconnecting:

  • Friends, previous clients, family and formerly in-person groups are reaching out to talk, to ask for services, to commiserate, to exchange strategies, or just to schmooze. My movement improvisation class has just started meeting virtually to dance together. (Oh, how I missed them!).

STRANGE –  not being able to touch after being out of touch.

WONDERFUL –  during Drawing on Your Inner Resources classes, I got to see some newsletter readers that I met a gazillion years ago and hadn’t seen since - a real treat. 

During one, Barbara exclaimed, “This is amazing! Why isn’t everyone doing this?”

Well Barbara, everyone can! I I'll be adding another class to run May, because people asked for it! I'm collecting dates and times that work for people - so if you have a preference - let me know!

So, if you are:

Worried. Spinning. Lethargic. Overworked. Scared. Ungrounded. Distracted. Throwing your self-care out the window. Or, just plain curious about this unique way to find your resilience.  

Go to the Events page to read more.

Judy Garfinkel helps you clarify what next. She writes top-notch resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and bios that open the doors for her clients to successfully land jobs they want. Her expertise in building confidence and resilience supports your growth and ability to navigate career and work transitions, especially now! Judy is also the current President of ICF-CT (where she leads a membership of 200+ coaches).

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