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When young children get learning coaching it changes their lives (and yours, too).  With over 25 years experience working with children, I'm known for my creative, purposeful and individualized activities that enhance motivation, skills and success.


All learners deserve to feel joy when learning.


Children with and without learning issues can lose their joy in learning while they struggle for academic success. Children who crave enrichment can be bored at school and their talents left to languish.


This can undermine important life assets like motivation and self-esteem. Well-being and future achievement are at risk. This situation can be more pronounced for those children with perplexing learning issues. It

doesn't have to be this way. 




From over  25 + years of experience working with children ages 3 - 10, I have gained deep understanding of many learning issues. I work one on one with each child, exploring ways to meet his style, working from her strengths and stretching in areas of weakness.


I'm known for my multi-sensory approach, and, for my ability to connect to young learners, my curiosity, and willingness to collaborate with you.

"Judy has been working with our son and daughter over the past few months to provide enrichment and support in the area of creative writing. We've been thrilled with how well our children engaged with Judy and how far they have progressed. Judy is so sensitive to the different needs of each child, works hard to make her sessions fun but productive and has open and communicative with us, every step of the way. She has used a creative combination of art, dance and exercise, music and audio recordings during the sessions and our children have enjoyed every minute - without realizing they were being "taught"." ~ S. Watson, Parent

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